Day 9: 12 Days of Christmas Music 2012


I decided I needed to put one sad song on the list.

Maybe you’re sad that tonight is the longest night of the year. Maybe you’re sad that so far today’s apocalypse has been a major disappointment. Maybe, like many of us, you’ve got much more legitimate reasons for being sad. Or maybe you’re not sad at all, but you can appreciate a performance that kinda puts it all out there. In any case, I think you’ll really like Over the Rhine’s “All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue.”
At its heart, Over the Rhine (also known as OTR) is a husband-wife team, Linford and Karin. She’s the vocalist, and he’s on keyboards in this song. My impression from interviews and things I’ve read is that they’re really lovely people. Recently he wrote a letter to the NRA about reevaluating the nation’s policy on gun control, even though they own two guns themselves. They’ve received some backlash about that, some threats to boycott theirmusic, and some harsh criticism. Her response was that those who disagreed and didn’t want to have a respectful conversation about it were “still welcome to come to the table.” Pretty generous.
Enjoy Over the Rhine.

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