11th Day of Christmas Grab Bag

This one is appropriate for me today after spending hours crammed with several other holiday shoppers into New York City grocery stores with their already-too-small aisles. That said, I found everything on my list, and I was shown all kinds of Christmas cheer. One cashier rebagged my groceries to make them easier to carry; another smiled at all my stuff, looked me straight in the eye, smiled understandingly, and told me to have a good holiday; and another guy helping with carts saw all my bags, grabbed half of them, told me where to wait outside of the rain, got a car to move that was blocking traffic, hailed me a cab, and loaded the groceries in the back. He gets the Christmas grocery shopping prize.

Then, when I got home and found I was missing something that should have been on my list, E went straight out and got it, even after picking up all the drinks so I wouldn’t have to schlep them.

Good job being Christmassy, people.



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